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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We have joined ARIN and obtained IP addresses and AS number

This Monday, March 29th 2010, marked an important milestone for our company:

We have been assigned IP addresses by American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), an organisationn tasked by IANA to manage internet resources in North American region. At the same time, Intuix LLC became a voting member of ARIN (full list here.)

Symbolically, it makes us a "real" ISP. For technical people reading this, we have AS18865 and CIDR block.

What it means for us? It means that we now can directly influence policy decisions that self-govern internet providers and their customers, in particular those that relate to assignment of IP addresses - something we all need daily.

What it means for you, our customer, present or potential one? It means that we can assign an upstream-independent addresses for your equipment, which makes one less thing to worry about should we change a colocation facility or network bandwidth provider. It makes our network smarter, and would ease things for you.

Posted by Dmitry Kohmanyuk, VP of Sales and Business Development

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