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Monday, October 4, 2010

sponsorship of BSD events

Intuix LLC sponsors two events this year - KyivBSD 2010 in Ukraine and
MeetBSD 2010 in California, USA.

The main reason for choosing these is because of technology they cover -
BSD, a Unix variant we utilize in our infrastructure.

As KyivBSD has passed, here is a short report on it.  THe event was
held in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine (where company founders
grew up, and many FreeBSD users exist.)  Apart from us, sponsors
include FreeBSD Foundation, iXsystems (both are also sponsoring
MeetBSD) and two other companies, V-Time (Ukrainian systems
integrator) and D-Link (well-known hardware manufacturer.)

The event took a full day, with eleven presentations, archived at ; of particular interest were:

"FreeBSD on amd64" by Konstantin Belousov with detailed discussion of
platform's benefits, Andrey Gapon's talk on kernel debugging,
Alexey Cheusov's story about mk-configure - a new approach of
multi-platform build tool, inspired by BSD make,
and Nikolay Dzham's presentation of clusters on FreeBSD utilitizing
Sun (I mean, Oracle) grid computing engine.

My apologies for possible misspelling names, and big thanks to
Alexander Yerenkov who did great work of organizing this mini-conference.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We are now on dot tel

Since yesterday, we publish our contact information via - this allows to quickly dial our customer service number or reach our web site (or even find our office... please give us little advaned notice if you plan it).

If you want to registerer your own .tel domain (or any other) - please contact us at domains at

Thursday, July 15, 2010

IPv6 connectivity now offered

We are now fully ready for IPv6 revolution (just one location for now, more coming soon.)
When ordering, please specify in comments that you need IPv6 connectivity as well.

Existing customers, please contact your sales representative, or send direct twitter message
to @intuix (yes, this is our official channel there.)

And to test reachability of our IPv6 router, please run traceroute6 :-)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

BGP connections turned on in two of our locations

We have started to utilize our new autonomous system (AS18865) and are now announcing our new address space by BGP in two of our three major locations, with third underway.

What does it mean to us?   More reliability (in case of one connection is down, another can be used), and more provider-independence (if one of our locations is closed, or full, customers do not necessarily have to renumber to new IP address space.)

What does it mean to our customers?  Savings in time, and increased network availability.

Stay tuned for IP version 6 connectivity announcement.

Update May 19th 2010: our third location added as well.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New bandwidth offers

I am happy to announce that we have just added two bandwidth options in all of our locations:

sustained megabit for $180 flat rate and two megabit for $350.  Both may require renumbering to our new IP address space -- a requirement we have to comply with ARIN policy of address conservaton.
They are listed together with our all other product and service offers.   As usual, 95% metering applies.

There is certain flexibility for customers with long-time history with us -- please email sales at

take care, and keep bytes rolling,

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We have joined ARIN and obtained IP addresses and AS number

This Monday, March 29th 2010, marked an important milestone for our company:

We have been assigned IP addresses by American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), an organisationn tasked by IANA to manage internet resources in North American region. At the same time, Intuix LLC became a voting member of ARIN (full list here.)

Symbolically, it makes us a "real" ISP. For technical people reading this, we have AS18865 and CIDR block.

What it means for us? It means that we now can directly influence policy decisions that self-govern internet providers and their customers, in particular those that relate to assignment of IP addresses - something we all need daily.

What it means for you, our customer, present or potential one? It means that we can assign an upstream-independent addresses for your equipment, which makes one less thing to worry about should we change a colocation facility or network bandwidth provider. It makes our network smarter, and would ease things for you.

Posted by Dmitry Kohmanyuk, VP of Sales and Business Development

Monday, January 11, 2010

Intuix LLC blog created!

Happy New Year, and welcome to new decade!

My partner Igor Sviridov and myself, Dmitry Kohmanyuk, have decided to create a blog for our company, Intuix LLC.

This would be the place to post news about Intuix, for you, our readers, existing and future customers, and to listen to you as well.

VP of Business Development and Sales