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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sponsorship of KyivBSD 2011

As both founders of Intuix are from city of Kyiv (also spelled Kiev), we traditionally support local open-source events that help people to better know and use system and application software we love.

KyivBSD 2011 was attended by over fifty people and covered topics such as hardware running BSD (routers, console servers), package management, kernel subsystems (graphics, storage enclosure services), Unix clouds, and IPv6 - something we offer already! It was on Saturday, September 24th, and took pretty much entire day.  Thanks to D-Link, FreeBSD Foundation, iXsystems, and ourselves (in alphabetical order.)

OSDN would happen this Saturday, October 1st.  Preliminary program is available (only in Russian, sorry.)

We would update this entry (or perhaps publish a new one) next week.